Design and Civil Engineering

We provide expert civil engineering services through our experinced and professional team and experts.

  • Designing and Architecture services

  • Development and Construction of Residential buildings and societies.

  • Designing, development and Construction of Commercial buildings, Malls, high rise plazas, complexes, etc

  • Renovation and maintenance of old buildings and structures

  • Construction work of Roads, Pavement, Open Car Parking, Kerb Stone & Path ways

  • Soil Investigation and Stabilization

  • Landscaping and horti culture services of top quality through hardcore professionals

  • Reclamation works, Water proofing, basement works and their Retaining Walls and Top roofs

  • Designing and Construction of Boundary Walls and deep foundation and excavation works

  • Precast RCC Structure, Road Barrier - Design and Fabrication

  • Security, safety, Surveillance Systems